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gold disk logo for ride the gear train

Find the gears needed for the gear train
to produce any screw thread on an engineer's lathe.

A PHP program by Evan Lewis: Contact Us
Link to this program:
The author describing the program: Video about Ride The Gear train
The authors' lathe videos: Evans YouTube Playlists
This includes a video: Understanding Geartrains
Lathe project-2000 year-old steam engine:


Boxford Users Group
Blondihack's: Quinn Dunki's supurb mini-lathe channel
Winky's Workshop: Engineering YouTube channel
Keith Appleton: Model Engineering
Enots Engineering: Alan demonstrates engineering methods
Alan talks about this program
Joe Pieczynski: Joe Pie's channel-excellent engineering demonstrations by a professional
Tony Griffith's has detailed information about every lathe you could imagine.

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RideTheGearTrain Tutorial
Part 1A for Mini-Lathes

RideTheGearTrain Tutorial
Part 1B for all other lathes
including South Bend Clones

RideTheGearTrain Tutorial
Part 2 for all users