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Find the gears needed for the gear train
to produce any screw thread on an engineer's lathe.

A PHP program by Evan Lewis: AEDLewis 'AT' g mail 'DOT' com
Link to this program:
The author describing the program: Video about Ride The Gear train
The authors' lathe videos: Evans YouTube Playlists
This includes a video: Understanding Geartrains
Lathe project-2000 year-old steam engine:


Boxford Users Group
Blondihack's: Quinn Dunki's supurb mini-lathe channel
Winky's Workshop: Engineering YouTube channel
Keith Appleton: Model Engineering
Enots Engineering: Alan demonstrates engineering methods
Alan talks about this program
Joe Pieczynski: Joe Pie's channel-excellent engineering demonstrations by a professional
Tony Griffith's has detailed information about every lathe you could imagine.

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The developer cannot be held liable for any errors or inaccurate results produced by the program. It is the user`s responsibility to check that the recommended gear train, gearbox and other settings produce the desired results.

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Anthony Evan Lewis PhD, MD who can be contacted at AEDLewis at gmail dot com.
He is a New Zealand Citizen and was physically located in New Zealand when this software was written and uploaded.
Any legal issues must be addressed in New Zealand courts unless alternative arrangements are mutually agreed by all parties involved.

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